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Basketball Resources

2015/2016 Practice Court Location and Devotion Room
Basketball COACH Master List 2015-2016

2015/2016 Game Schedules
K-Ball- Game Schedule 15-16
Prep- Game Schedule 2015-2016
NCAA- Game Schedule 2015-2016
NBA-WNBA Game Schedule 2015-2016

Equal Playing Time Sheet
Alan Jobson- Equal Playing time and court layout

Photo Order Form 
ROAR Picture Order Form for Basketball

3D Devotions
Basketball Devotion- Season 1

Coaches Manual: Philosophy, Rules, and All for Season
2015-2016 Basketball Coaches Notebook


ROAR Basketball Training Video:  CLICK HERE


CSO Coaches Training Videos:

Full Training Presentation (42:44) – all videos below included in this session | Download Presentation Slides (PDF)

Why God Wants You to Coach (2:19)

A Better Way to do Devotionals (2:42)

Winning – A Bad Goal But A good Desire (2:11)

Bad Coaching Moves (PDF)

94 Ways to Encourage Your Players (PDF)

Practice Focus/ 3D Devotionals:

Teamwork (PDF)

Timing your practice session (PDF)

Practice Session Template (PDF)

3D Devos for practices (PDF-Basketball Devo)

Skills & Drills:

Jr. ROAR Curriculum
Dynamic Warm Up’s (PDF)
Conditioning Tips and Drills (PDF)
Ball Handling Skills & Drills (PDF) More Drills (PDF)
Ball Handling Moves (PDF)
Dribbling: Beginners 4 year olds and up (PDF)
Footwork (PDF)
Passing and Receiving (PDF), (PDF)
Shooting (PDF)
Lay-Ups (PDF)
Free Throws: How to shoot them (PDF)
Free Throw Drills (PDF)
Free Throw Team Drill +or- game
Defending (PDF)
Rebounding/ Box Out (PDF)
Line Drills
Change of Direction
Extra Notes for the Coach
4 Fun Basketball Dribbling Games for Young Players (PDF)

Equal playing time sheets to be used for each league game (PDF)

Other Resources: (Tutorials on ball handling, passing, shooting and defense tips and drills for beginner and Advance players)

Basketball.LifeTips (Great resource that provides drills and information to help improve your game, speed training, strength and more) (Great tutorial on dribbling for young kids)

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