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We are looking for Spring Coaches!

Here are our current needs: 

Baseball: 8 more Head Coaches
Baseball: 10 more Assistant Coaches
Soccer: 23 more Head Coaches
Soccer: 27 more Assistant Coaches
Volleyball: 8 more Head Coaches
Volleyball: 7 more Assistant Coaches

If you are interested in coaching or know someone that is, please contact Ellen Brandt at 803-366-7627 or by email at

Coaches Training

Coaches training is held at the beginning of each Fall, Winter and Spring Season. Coaches Training is broken into two different times:

New Coaches Training- 8:30am-12:00pm- Saturday, February 17

The New Coaches Training is a time for all New Coaches to ROAR. During this time, all coaches will be able to learn more about who ROAR is, what a Gospel Centered coach is, why we do what we do, view on competition, logistics on practices/games and community. ALL NEW COACHES must attend this class to coach. Training will be held in Westminster Hall on the Westminster Church campus (1320 India Hook Road).  Snacks and drinks will be provided.
In preparation for the training, please view the following videos:  
The Ultimate Question –
AND For the Love of the Game Part 1 –
Please download this Handout for The Love of the Game Video

Returning Coaches Training- 5:30-8:00pm-Thursday, February 15 OR  10:00am-12:00pm- Saturday, February 17

All Returning Coaches may choose between 2 training dates:

1. Thursday, February 15 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm in the Anne Sanford Parlor on the Westminster Church campus (1320 India Hook Road)  (Dinner will be provided) or
2. Saturday, February 17 from 10:00am-12:00pm in Westminster Hall on the Westminster Church campus (1320 India Hook Road). (Snacks will be provided)

In preparation for the training, please view the following video:
For the Love of the Game Part 1 –
Please download this Handout for The Love of the Game Video

Why do we do Coaches Training?

ROAR Sports is a vital ministry in the community of Rock Hill, SC. The volunteers and coaches for ROAR Sports should be aware of what it means to serve in their specific capacities with reverence for and guidance from God. One of the ways that the coaches can better serve the players and parents is by attending the coaches training each season. ROAR has a sound philosophy and basic guidelines that all coaches should be aware of.  The coaches learn the philosophy and guidelines at the coaches training. They also will learn what it means to be a coach in a Christian sports ministry. This is vital because we want all of our coaches to have the same mindset when they walk on to the fields and courts.

Coaches Training is very important for several reasons:

First, it details the Philosophy of ROAR. This is necessary to allow coaches to realize this is a Sports Ministry not a Sports League.  Our goal is to see young lives being transformed for Christ through Sports. Our coaches need to see the importance of the Ministry over the Sport.

Second, the training provides a visual lesson on how to translate our Ministry into the Sport. Coaches need to train just like the players, and everyone could benefit from a lesson or refresher on how to bridge the gap of Biblical Truth to Life to Sports. Even our most experienced coaches will benefit.

Finally, it allows our coaches to interact and know each other. This is important on many facets. The coaches learn names and become comfortable with each other allowing for bonds to be established prior to the games. Coaches will be able to lead on the field together as opposed to separate. Coaches will also be able to get coaching tips and helpful information about the sport they are coaching along with an ally who could assist with practices.

 Most importantly, Coaches can gain something more than they thought.

Romans 1:12 says “When we get together, I want to encourage you in your Faith, but I also want be encouraged by yours.”

No matter how strong someone is in Christ and their Faith, they can always be encouraged by another’s walk with Christ. They will be reminded of the blessings they have received. A coach may feel they do not need to attend because they have been a few times, but they need to know the benefit may be their presence to another believer who needs that extra positive word.

“God reveals something new every time I read the Bible, no matter what book or verse I may be reading. The coaches’ training is just like when I read the Bible, as God reveals something new at each one. Through the coaches training God unites all of the coaches into one body of individuals that can represent ROAR in a way that will ultimately glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are all different people and have different talents, and God will use each one of us with our different talents to make ROAR a shining light in Rock Hill and beyond”- Coach Eric

Have you filled out a Westminster Presbyterian Church Ministry Application Form (MAF) (for a Background Check)?

All coaches must have a MAF on file.  This form must be filled out and turned back into the ROAR office before you can coach.  Please click below to download a copy of the form and either bring it or mail it into the office.  Thank you!!

CLICK HERE FOR: Ministry Application Background Check Form

This document is the ROAR Safe Training Manual for you to download and read before coaching.  Thank you!!

CLICK HERE FOR: Safe Training Manual-ROAR