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Drills and Skill Video Development by Lulu Merrill
Please click on the following links to get connected to You Tube on specific drills!

Shooting:  Link to Shooting Video
Foundation Drills: Link to Foundation Drills
Passing: Link to Passing Drills
Attacking: Link to Attacking Video
Defense: Link to Defense Drill
Throw In’s: Link to Throw In
Dribbling: Link to Dribbling
Heading the Ball: Link to Heading the Ball
Running with the Ball: Link to Running with the Ball

Game Schedules for Spring 2016

Little Kickers: Little Kickers Schedule Spring 2016

Series A: Series A Schedule Spring 2016

Premier Girls League: Premier Girls Game Schedule 2016

Premier Boys League: Premier Boys Game Schedule 2016


Spring Parent Meeting Notes:

To be Determined

Soccer Manual for Spring 2016
Full Coaches Book SOCCER

CoachUsersGuide (Learn how to contact your team through Sports Sign-up)

Training Materials:

CSO Coaches Training Videos:
Full Training Presentation (42:44) – all videos below included in this session | Download Presentation Slides (PDF)
Why God Wants You to Coach (2:19)
A Better Way to do Devotionals (2:42)
Winning – A Bad Goal But A good Desire (2:11)

Bad Coaching Moves (PDF)

94 Ways to Encourage Your Players (PDF)

Practice Focus/ 3D Devotionals:

Teamwork (PDF)

Spring 2015: 3D Devos for practices: 3d-soccer-devotional-season-1-pdf

BLANK Practice Plan Sheet

Practice Plan Example for Dribbling & Running with the Ball
Practice Plan Example for Passing

Skills & Drills:

World Cup Soccer Drill
Snake in the Grass Soccer Game
Games for very young players
Fun Games not drills
Fun Games for different Skills
Fun games for Jr. ROAR and little kickers
passing games for young players
Soccer fun games/ Explained

Basic Intro drills:
Toe Taps
Tick Tock – AKA Foundation
Cone Dribbling
fun_games_Relay Race Games
Speed Dribbling Race

Basic Keep Away drills:
Keep away Drill
2 Team Keep Away

Technical Touch Dribbling:
Mad Dogs Drill
Grid Work 1
Grid Work 2
Change of Pace

Dribbling for little ones 
Beat the Clock
Close Control
Constant Dribbling
Dribbling & Running with the Ball
Grid Work 5
Dribbling Game
Four-Goal Game
Score by Dribbling Only
All vs. All
Change of Pace
In and Out # 1
In and Out # 2
In and Out # 3
Find the Space
3 v 3 for penetration
6 v 6 Team Penetration

Passing Technique
Passing Book
Prepare it Pass it
Rapid 2-Ball Passing
Driven Pass with Instep
Pressure Passing
4 Cone Rotation
passing games for young players

Receiving (Trapping)/ Passing:
Receiving the Ball
Turning Session Plan (Receive the ball and turn)
Technical Session on Passing and Receiving (from NSCAA website)
Receiving, Control, Receiving Exercises (from NSCAA website)

Passing to prep for game like scenarios:
Team Technical Passing
2v2 Quick Switch
6v6 with End Zone (you can do drill with smaller groups 3v3, 4v4, 5v5)
4v4v4  (you can do drill with smaller groups 2v2v2, 3v3v3)

Give and Go Wall Pass
Accumulation of Movement drills

Spatial Awareness/ Vision
4vs2 Killer Pass
Vision and Forward Passing Options
Spatial awareness drills

– Proper shooting technique and some basic drills
Passing / Shooting
3v3 Pass Finishing
Close Rang Finishing Drill
– Combination Shooting #1
Combination Shooting #2
Save it Shoot it
Shooting-Central Goal
Working in Pairs
– World Cup Soccer Drill
– Four Goal Shooting Drill
Jr. ROAR and Little Kickers Shooting Games
Power Finesse

1v1 Attacking 3
1v1 to central goal
1v1 to goal
2v1 Under Pressure

3v1 Swap Over
3v3 Attacking the goal-lines
4v1 Play to Target
4v4 Passing Under Pressure
6v6 Three Zone Game
Four Zone Game
Take on Defender to goal line

3v1 Rotating Defenders
Defending 1v1 Circle Drill
Defending 2v2 – supporting defenders
Defending Soccer Clearance Header
Defense to Attack Transition Soccer
Four against Four Four against Two
Intro-Individual Defending
Monkey in the Middle – keep away drills
Monkey in the Middle – keep away drills
Soccer 1v1 Defending
Soccer Defending 2v2_ Supporting Defenders
Three versus One
Three versus Three
Three versus Two
World Cup Soccer Drill

Heading Basics

Match Play (PDF)
Line Drills (PDF)
Juggling (PDF)
Goal Keeping (PDF)
Moves (see YouTube video’s below)
Change of Direction (PDF)

Technical – how to throw in (PDF)
Tactics – use of throw ins (PDF)
Fun throw in drills (PDF)

Creating Space (PDF)
Receiving the Ball (PDF)
Extra Notes for the Coach (PDF)

Special Training for specific positions:
Training Sessions for Forwards
Training Sessions for Central Defenders
Training Sessions for Central Midfielders
Training Session for Right Midfielders
Training Session for Left Midfielders
Training Sessions for Right Backs
Training Sessions for Left Backs

Other Resources:

360 Degree Soccer (Learn Soccer with Pele)
Coaching Soccer 101 (Drills, quotes, tips, links, glossary, rules)


YouTube Videos:

Great dribbling drills:

Basic Moves that every player should know –

Quick explanation of soccer tricks and importance of doing them:

Cut or Chop move:

Step Over move (use the first 45 sec.):

Scissors move (FYI – guy in the video is calling it sadly the wrong name):

Cruyff move:

Great website for moves:

Basic Trapping video – Trapping & Trapping in the direction you are going

Shooting videos –