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Required Paperwork for ROAR Employees

  1. Employee Contact Information
    Please fill out the Employee Contact Information Form and bring to the ROAR office
    Employee Contact Information
  2. I-9 and W-4 Information
    If you will be paid, please print and fill out the I-9 and W-4 forms below.  Along with filling out these forms, the IRS requires us to copy EITHER your drivers license and Social Security card OR your passport. Please bring the actual forms of identification with you for us to copy here when you turn in your I-9 and W-4. (Do not bring copies of your ids)
  3. Direct Deposit Form OR Voided Check
    Please bring in a Direct Deposit Form that you will obtain from your bank OR a voided check so that we can set you up on Direct Deposit for your pay.
    Direct Deposit Form Bank of America
    Direct Deposit Form Wells Fargo
  4. Background Checks for Church
    Background Check for those OVER 18: Please make sure to include your full name (First, Middle and Last), Driver License Number , and Social Security number on the from. All documents will be kept in a private area and will not be shared.
    Background Check for those OVER 18

    Background Check for those UNDER 18:
     If you will  be under the age of 18 on your start date, we will need you to provide 3 references as indicated on Section C of the Westminster Presbyterian Church Ministry Application Form.  Please do not list any relative as one of your references.  If you have experience working with children/youth, we ask that you list at least one person in this area to be a reference.  References can be teachers, coaches, Scout leaders, youth group directors, a parent you babysit for, etc.
    Please print 3 copies and have 3 different references fill out the following Reference Contact Form and return o:  ROAR Sports, 1320 India Hook Road, Rock Hill, SC  29732
    MAF Form for under 18

Checklist of Required Paperwork to turn in: