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ROAR Scholarship Fund

ROAR Scholarship Fund

Roar is officially introducing the “ROAR Scholarship Fund”. Our desire to begin this fund comes from the fact that it already exists but isn’t talked about and doesn’t have a name.

For years, ROAR has been granting scholarships to children in need. The process is simple as families and parents are asked to complete a form and submit it for review by the ROAR Staff. ROAR has been blessed by the support of Westminster Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church, generous donations (specifically to the Catawba Terrace Initiative), and continued success in the number of participants participating each season. Because of God’s sovereignty over ROAR, we have granted 100% of these requests, in that we have never turned someone in need away, despite not having a designated fund set apart for this.

On top of these families that apply for financial assistance, three years ago ROAR began an intentional fundraising effort known as the Catawba Terrace Initiative. This initiative’s primary purpose is to raise funds for children living in the Catawba Terrace neighborhood, so that they can attend the ROAR Summer Camp program for $10 for the entire 6-week program (valued at $654). Since beginning the Catawba Terrace Initiative ROAR has seen over 180 Catawba Terrace children at camp and over $48,000 raised.

The ROAR Scholarship Fund has a one primary purpose which is to provide financial assistance to children and families, both in the Catawba Terrace neighborhood and other areas of York County.

If you're interested in giving to the ROAR Scholarship Fund, please e-mail Andy Worthington at [email protected]

Thank you!