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Welcome to ROAR Sports

What's Different About ROAR Sports?

ROAR is a Christian ministry partner of Westminster Presbyterian Church and First Baptist Church that uses sports as a way to share the Gospel. Our Mission Statement is “To Glorify God by faithfully sharing and applying the Gospel through sports.”

ROAR Sports has adopted a revolutionary way to integrate the concepts of Sports, Life and Spiritual Truth. In our efforts to bring Christianity and Sports together, historically, Christians established a devotional time during practice breaks or half times of games. Oftentimes, the stories or passages used during these times didn’t have much to do with the sports, and, even if they did, tended to feel like the biblical truths were being injected into the sports realm. Unfortunately, these efforts often led to players and coaches to disconnect sports from biblical truth and build a “compartmentalized view” of life.

3D Devotionals come from a passion to live all of life for God’s glory and, therefore, an approach to integrate sports and biblical truth. We designed 3D Devotionals to be used in the flow of practice, utilizing the drills and skills emphasized in each particular practice setting. Ultimately, the goal of 3D Devotionals is not to just learn truth, but for coaches, players and parents to learn a new way of thinking that integrates SPORTS – LIFE – TRUTH and can be used far beyond their time in sports.

ROAR Statement of Faith

I believe the Bible is the written Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the revelation of God’s truth and is infallible and authoritative in all matters of faith and practice.

I believe in the Holy Trinity. There is one God, who exists eternally in three persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I believe that all are sinners and totally unable to save themselves from God’s displeasure except by His mercy.

I believe that salvation is by God alone, based on His grace, not on any human individual merit.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, who through His perfect life and sacrificial death atoned for the sins of all who will trust in Him, alone, for salvation. Apart from Jesus there is no hope and no other way a person can have a relationship with God.

We believe the term “marriage” has only one meaning: the uniting of one man and one woman in a single, exclusive union, as delineated in Scripture (Gen. 2:18-25).

We believe that God wonderfully and immutably creates each person as male or female. These two distinct, complementary sexes together reflect the image and nature of God (Gen. 1:26-27). Rejection of one’s biological sex is a rejection of the image of God within that person.

I believe that all aspects of our lives are to be lived to the glory of God under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.